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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Reebok Customer Service

A rare positive comment!

The motor on my Reebok Fusion cross trainer has expired, on investigation a couple of teeth from the acrylic cogs had parted company with the cog so was losing traction. I emailed Reebok fully expecting (a) no response (b) a "just buy a whole new one" response.

Instead within 24 hours I had a response telling me that my call had been passed onto their parts business with the contact details listed.

So 2 days later I finally thing I really ought to ring and whilst looking for the number in my email I discovered an email from the parts people saying "yes the part you want is available, call us on...." which I had missed.

24 hours later and the part is in my hand and 1 day on it is fitted and working.

It would have been very easy to tell me to buy a new cross trainer and lose a customer, plenty of other businesses out there would but instead I have had a positive customer experience, saved several hundred pounds by using a replacement part and am happy (that won't last of course but that is just me).