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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Hobbit

I am sure that there are individuals out there who think that the Hobbit is a masterpiece. However, I am not one of them. Vastly too long - it took an hour to get out of Bag End, crikey after 20 minutes I was thinking that if this was on television I would have switched over by now.

Too many far too long lingering shots, notably of Thorin, clearly designed to display his changing nose or to highlight how sometimes he'd be thin and the actor's normal size and other times be stocky like a dwarf should be pictured.

New features added, those rock giants were all very nice but had no place in the film.

Radagast, I had heard that Sylvester Mccoy upstaged everyone else, well to be fair that wasn't too hard.

Silly clothing for ponies, tick.

Bad perspective changes, children on Shetland ponies, tick.

Inconsistent sizing of characters compared to others, especially Gandalf, tick.

I went into the film sceptical and not at all enamoured with the 3 part nature and expected to come out impressed and eager for the next instalment.

We'll that didn't happen.

The only way I will go to the cinema to see the second film is if news trickles through that the producers have learned to edit their output and that there will not be a third film.

Adrian will love this film undoubtedly.

I think I should summaries a plus & a minus point to end on :

Con : given the title of this site the big con (other than having paid to attend) is that listening to others as we exited the cinema I was no in a minority being unimpressed.

Pro : the next Star Trek film had a trailer and that looks awesome (Adrian will hate that I'm sure).