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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dear Google....Nexus 9..….Google Alerts feature request

So, I have been eagerly awaiting the replacement Nexus 10 for what now seems a lifetime and suffered highs and lows as the rumour mill announced leaks every couple of weeks.

It is fine ally here, the Nexus 9. This is good news, my Nexus 2012 is slow enough as to be now virtually unusable. So much so that it stays at home and my 9 year old son uses it.

I have the money and I am poised to order but it's out of stock and one colour is yet to be available.

Thank you Google, I have a feeling that you have saved me from you. This absence of stock has meant I have paused and started to read reviews and they are terrible, to summarise what I have seen so far :
- battery life is OK but unremarkable
- awesome processor which may explain the battery life
- price is mainstream and high is a shock for the stock device
- even positive reviewers are complaining about light bleed on the screen although the screen is excellent providing the benefits of IPS so not got the in your faceness of amoled screens
- the case seems flimsy and some quality control issues have been listed
- heat is reported to be more than expected and even coming through the glass
- still no micro SD card slot.

So Google if I could suggest a feature for Google alerts that tells me when there is an update that announces the problems are resolved I would be grateful.