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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Fighting the good fight

Today I have had my first encounter with Apple products in the last, err, quite some years in order to attempt to provide me son with a working account on an Apple iPhone.

So everything online says what we need is Family Sharing. Which means I have had to set up an Apple Id. Which means I have to add my credit card to Apple. With means I need iCloud for Windows. Which means I have to add my details onto the iPhone because it's not possible to install icloud for Windows until my Apple ID has been used on an Apple device.

Multiple reboots later and the iPhone still shows no family sharing as the Apple website says it will.

Multiple reboots later and 1 time in 10 the newly install Apple iCloud on Windows finally logs me in without crashing.

Still no family sharing option.

Turns out family sharing only works from ios 8, apparently this perfectly working iPhone 4 can't have that.

So Apple how does one give an Apple phone to someone under 13?

Yes I still hate Apple products with a passion but at least I can rip this rubbish icloud for Windows off my machine now.